Why Buy Handmade?


Buying a handmade piece reconnects us to our local economy, our environment and our community.

Mass advertising and global manufacturing has us all eating, decorating, furnishing, dressing and thinking the same. There are chain stores everywhere. We are hypnotized to be consumers. Buy this, buy that! The big box stores sell everything at such a low price that we can’t refuse that new outfit or cheap toaster.

I hope we can reconnect with our neighbours who are farmers, artists and craftspeople. When we give a handmade gift, we avoid the parking lots, mass electrical output, and concrete coldness of the big stores and malls in favor of something more meaningful. Purchasing a handmade gift supports an artist or crafter directly and that supports our community directly.

When you give a handmade gift, the recipient receives something that is one-of-a-kind, made with care and attention that can 
be seen and felt, a special gift that reflects human skill and craftsmanship (that which is absolutely absent in the world of off shore manufacturing). Every item you make yourself or purchase from a local artist, crafter, farmer, or independent manufacturer is a small step towards a cleaner environment.

The one drawback…
It costs you more. Yes, it is really difficult to choose handmade when you can purchase a “soulless but vaguely similar  product manufactured in enormous quantities” for a fraction of the cost. My advice? Just do your best and choose wisely, a gift comes from the heart and a handmade gift comes from the soul as well. Choose to make your own or buy local at least some of the time! You can afford it. You and your community will feel better for it!

Visit Marcia’s Etsy store or GoBC store to buy handmade from her.


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