Many hands make light work!

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Packaging Doodads!


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The Art of Gold Leaf

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Ron is currently working on a restored 1954 Chris Craft boat, a thing of beauty!

He has been commissioned by Chris at Sea Sonic Boat Company to letter the transom.

He is using 24 ct double thick gold leaf from England, and engine turning the finish, a technique that requires a very gentle and experienced touch. Unfortunately, there was a communication error as to the font the client wanted. As a result, the first book of gold and a day’s worth of time had to be all washed off !:(

But all ended well and the result is a work of beauty. I hope we can show you the whole boat finished, it’s really quite something!

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Experience Thomson Okanagan Book

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Apparently this lovely hard cover book should be out soon. It was about a year ago when we were in a flush feeling, vulnerable state of mind – and agreed to advertise our studio.

Granted, it is a beautiful book, but sadly, we are the only artists in it. There we are tucked amidst the wineries, hotels, golf courses and resorts.

We feel sort of weird about it, but I guess it’s a good thing?

Enjoy The Experience Thompson Okanagan Digital Book

Steampunk Show at Penticton Art Gallery

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My doll with her latest outfit which will be on display until May 2015

Finished paint accents in Phoenix

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Jo and Ray’s front entrance is now graced with some very cool accents.




Painting in the sun

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We took time out to visit friends Jo and Ray in Phoenix. We are painting a scroll design on the entrance to their cute Arizona style home. Here I am working on it, will post photos when its finished.


Busy, busy

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I can’t wait to show you what I have been working on lately, but I will have to since it’s top secret for now. It is an art thing, but it also may bring in some serious income which would be really something! I’m willing to bet a lot on this new enterprise and I’m having fun moving it along. Ron is being very helpful and supportive and my best friend Edna Bickerson is partnering with me.

hmmm... Doodads!