Death of Art by Marcia Stacy

“The Death of Art” by Marcia Stacy
mixed media on styrofoam, framed  18″ x 22″
The background collage represents the arts; dance, music, painting, design, literary. A black veil of death hangs over the arts and thrust in the heart of the work is a knife, dripping with blood red paint. The frame is reminiscent of a tombstone.
2010 Legacies Now delivered limited funds that created showy community projects for the sake of impressing locals and Olympic tourists. Now, funding cuts to arts groups are devastating and the the infrastructure is crumbling. People are loosing their jobs, programs for children are going by the wayside, projects that involve, educate and relieve are falling away. Unless we can stop this insanity, by 2011, less than 10% of the arts funding will be available.
Our politicians are implying that art in all its forms is worthless. They are juggling and misrepresenting the facts and figures. They blame the cuts on the recession when really it’s all about the huge amount of money wasted on the Olympics. In my research I have found an incredible amount of highly involved internet propaganda by the BC government, with slick logo design and fancy effects. I wonder how much money the government spent on consultants and web-masters that otherwise would have been put to good use.
Art unifies, inspires, teaches, it opens our minds and our souls. I could go on and on, but it’s been proven that the arts are important to society in many ways. Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. It’s been said that without art, we are but beasts.
Arts funding is not about handouts to individual artists, its about valuable programs in hospitals, schools, community centres, it’s about quality of life in BC. When programs like these are killed, it’s extremely difficult to revive them. It simply doesn’t make sense – morally, socially or economically – to cut the arts.

3 Responses to “Death of Art by Marcia Stacy”

  1. val woolgar Says:

    well, they do have some funds put back in to the Arts, the budget
    did say. Also, Canadians most of them, in the end ended up
    wanting the Olympics and feel that it was worth all the expense.
    The riots didn’t really hold water. It happened and for the next
    20 years society will be indeed paying the piper.
    I can sympathize. Val woolgar

  2. stacystudios Says:

    The budget was brought out yesterday and, instead of a 90% cut, they only cut arts funding by 50%. Thank goodness for small things, they heard the outcry from the arts community.

    What a shame though, after the Olympics (where our sports and culture were highlighted at astronomical cost) showcased BC and Canada to the world, they cut funding that assists SPORTS, ARTS and TOURISM!

  3. Artist Insider thinking like this gives me hope for the arts. Keep up the great dialogue.

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