OK, it’s official


We have come to an age in our lives when it’s time to get lazy. Some of you may say that being an artist full time is not hard work, but you should try it! Seriously! When you have to wear the hats of : head of marketing, social media liaison, book keeper, production supervisor, manufacturer, media relations, office manager and last but not least… be CREATIVE, well, life can get crazy.

We have managed to feed and house ourselves since 1980 by the work our heads and our hands produce. It’s not been easy, but it has beed fabulous! Now, Life is even more fabulous!

We will never be able to stop creating, and we still can’t close down our websites. After all these years of producing images, we feel a need to keep them out there and accessible to people to enjoy and ponder over. Our images will live beyond us, so we hope they will continue to connect in one way or another. After all, life is short, art is long!

Thank you to all our patrons over the years. It’s been wonderful.



One Response to “OK, it’s official”

  1. Kit McDonald Says:

    Enjoy every moment!

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