Working on illustrations for Kristy’s Quilt, by Brandy Maslowski

Marcia at work


I spent most of January working on more than 20 illustrations for a book that will be published this year, called Kristy’s Quilt. I am working on the last three now and then will do a full edit of them all, checking colour balance, continuity, style balance and various other tweaks, hoping there won’t be any re-dos (which has already happened twice), and VOILA!

Watch for Kristy’s Quilt on and help Brandy raise the money to publish this wonderful book. I’ll be posting more as the campaign to raise funds becomes a reality.


3 Responses to “Working on illustrations for Kristy’s Quilt, by Brandy Maslowski”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing this book! And so nice to see your smiling face in the meantime!

  2. Laurie Bates Says:

    I hope to be the very first person to order and own this wonderful work of story and show. I was privileged to be awarded a sneak peek of both and am eager to sing the praises of this talented duo. Marcia’s illustrations are every bit as charming as we know her work to be: colourful and cheerful and full of creativity. Brandy Maslowski’s story is one many young gals can relate to or wish they could and crafting mothers will delight in their work being brought to life in prose. Well done, Ladies! $20 is a steal for this happy book.

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