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Fall Studio Tour … coming Nov 2 and 3

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Summerland and Trout Creek Fall Studio Tour 2013

Nov 2 and 3 from 10 am – 4 pm … many of Summerland’s art studios will be opening their doors and welcome visitors in to see how they make their magic happen.

See hand painted signs and gold leaf lettering, or a forge where a blacksmith creates beautiful sculptures with red hot iron! How about a photographer’s studio, the lights, umbrellas, and amazing cameras, or a clothing designer cutting patterns, sewing with various machines, and printing fabric, making lovely clothing. There are two potters, both are completely different styles and background stories. Of course there are painters, but have you seen how an artist makes a painting using only a knife and paint? Or how a pastel painting is made? Then there is painting with hot wax! How about a 10 foot long sewing machine that sews quilts together in beautiful patterns along with quilting demonstrations. Wood turning on a lathe using local wood is demonstrated right before your eyes. A jewellery maker shows how he makes stones into semi precious gems, and a doll maker sews amazing costumes in miniature sizes and sculpts heads, hands and feet to lovely realism. A sculptor making ravens with hands out of clay, now that’s something different!

You can make a day of visiting studios, stop at a winery or have lunch at one of Summerland’s restaurants. Bring the kids and learn together about the fascinating world of ART! Ask questions, try your hand at something new. There will be demonstrations, explanations, draw prizes.

Bring the kids and show them what the world of art is all about.

Please note, studio #10 – Margo is now in studio #7 – in the back.

For locations and more information:
Studio Tour


Looking forward to our short stay at Odell House

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Looking forward to our short stay at Odell House

After my Dad’s passing last month, it’s been very hectic around here. We did not expect him to go, even though he was 86 and had COPD. He was such an energizer bunny, always on the go. His last outing was a drive to Couer D’Alene with his friend Stella. Well, turns out I went there 2 weeks ago, with the girls, and now again this weekend. I have never been there before, but it is a lovely city. After Dad’s “Celebration of Life” in Nelson, we are heading down and will overnight in Spokane. No big deal for most, but for us it’s an adventure simply because whenever we travel we visit our friends and family. This time, it’s just us!

We are staying at this funky old mansion and Gypsy is coming too. Sounds intriguing!