Ron gets new eyes!

Yes, he has new lenses in both eyes now and its amazing how well he can see. He says it’s too bright, so we’ve had to keep the house dark and he’s wearing sunglasses at night! It’s really quite something, as even the colour he sees the world in has changed. Everything has gone from a yellow cast haze (cataracts) to a strong blue cast almost fluorescent! Apparently, it will all slowly become normal and he’ll be able to see without glasses.

Meanwhile, I have posted some pictures of our fabric designs, available on Spoonflower, at DSCN8843 DSCN8848 DSCN8851 DSCN8853 DSCN8857 DSCN8858 DSCN8865 DSCN8929

This photo shows the painting, and the bag I made with the printed fabric. Oh if only there were more hours in a day, the wonderful things I could make!


One Response to “Ron gets new eyes!”

  1. I’m interested to see if Ron’s new internal colour vision will affect his external colour palette. Keep us posted on that. And I find it intriguing how the artist in him takes instant note of the colour change even before he acknowledges clearer vision. That’s like the musician who hears the rhythm of speech before the words. Very cool, indeed.

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