An Exercise in Frustration….

In Sept 2012, I contacted Moneris to ask about a solution for the Circle Craft Christmas Show in Vancouver, in November 2013. I would be attending as a vendor and I wanted a way to verify Visa and Mastercard payments while selling my art/craft product. I talked to Christopher.

 He suggested I get on the Select Plus (e-select) mobile app swiper system. I told him I only needed the system for the one show, and as an artist/craftsperson, I did not do a lot of transactions throughout the year. I understood that I could use this system for a short term. The terms of the system were VERY complicated. I would have to pay a fee of $325 then they would reimburse me $500 after 3 months. Also, I was supposed to cancel the agreement before 3 months in order to not be in a 3 year contract? I guess? I was confused. Why would they make me pay and then give me back more?
Next, I talked to Omehr, and he said something about waiting until November to apply. Well, I wanted all my ducks in a row, so I asked if I can get it going now. He said,  go ahead. The card reader will be a fee of $50 which will be reimbursed later( plus shipping!) and $31.36 for a new plate for my 20 year old back up mechanical paper impression device. Again, confused. My bank statement showed a membership fee and sign up fee and a VSA ADJ fee? ?
I asked my bank to help me figure out what was going on so they phoned Moneris and we got it sorted out.
So, I get the swiper in the mail, and try it on my ipad, and then my show helper’s ipad, which doesn’t work. I call and find out that the swiper does not work with the newest iOS 6 yet , so she can’t use it and I can’t update my system.
Now, it’s November and I get home from the show and try to cancel, but find out I am in a 3 year contract. But – I can go back to the IVR (phone dial in transaction) which will only cost me $5.99 a month (plus other fees). But since they will be nice and only charge me $5.99 (plus the extra fees) for the past month, I will need to call again in January and set up something else.
Which, of course, I forget to do! So it’s April, and I check my bank statement to find that I am being charged over $60.00 last month when I had no transactions!
I go back to the bank to try and sort this out and she helps me again by calling Moneris. I am frustrated and just want to pay the $300 and get out of the contract and leave Moneris in a dirty heap by the side of the road. After a Moneris representative telling me I had 2 accounts open and that’s why the expense, she offered me the $5.99 account again, plus another fee, and she did not mention another fee which was pointed out by the bank agent.
Well, now I am boiling and just say “I would like to cancel and pay the $300”. The rep says, I’ll have to get another rep to help you with that if you are sure that’s what you want. I said yes.
OK, new rep, so now I ask to be released from the contract and inform her of my circumstance, and that I can get any number of other swiper systems on the internet with no service charges… Well, she says… ” Oh, we have a free swiper system called PAYD, it costs only a transaction fee and no hidden charges.” !!! !! !! !!! !!!
The bank agent and I are flabbergasted! Seriously? How long has that been available? ” Oh about a year” !! !!! !!!!!
Why was I not told about this when I specifically told the original rep about my very small business, my one time need of a swiper and my desire for low cost.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t know why.”
So, can I get this system please? Will I be charged the $300 contract fee to switch to this no fee system? No. No, I will not have to pay the $300 or the monthly service fees.
I will need to phone to cancel my other system(s).
How confusing and annoying and encumbering and expensive!
 I am not a happy client.
DSCN2662 I look happy here!

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