Relax, Renew, Rejoice

Relax, Renew, Rejoice

A commission I recently finished. The recipient was a valued and respected nurse at the Penticton Hospital. Her unit got together to present her with this retirement gift. I am thrilled to be a part of it!
Congratulations, Laurie


2 Responses to “Relax, Renew, Rejoice”

  1. This happy painting given to me by my cherished colleagues resides in my girl cave. My cave is where I spend significant time every day surrounded by the paraphernalia that gives me a bubble of serenity. In here I watch TV, write recipes into my good food journal, create what I hope is art, and play classical music on my beloved grand piano. And it’s at the piano where I most often gaze upon my beautiful Reflect . Renew . Rejoice painting.

    I look at the smaller dancing figures and remember many, MANY good times with my co-workers. Gold is their colour here, and gold is the richness I’ve had working amongst these good people for so many years.

    I see the larger femmes and open up memories of the strong women in my life, past and present. There have been many but none as influential and honoured as my mother who gave me so much of my own strength in the short time I was in her nurturing presence.

    The symbols tell me harmony abounds wherever one looks: Earth, sky, water. Every day I am aware of my Okanagan environment where I was born, grew up, and remain; and, every day I see my world with amazed eyes and love the place I am in.

    The colours are cooling and calm, yet warmth exudes with positive energy in an engaging contrast of the tonal palette. Greens and blues and roses and magentas…how perfectly matched to the colours that give me delight.

    The music notes swirling on the canvas is the music in my being and that which comes off the piano keyboard and strings while my hands work the notes on the sheets in front of me. Beethoven, Bach, Schubert – favourite composers – are played in the company of my exceptional gift of art where daily I can Reflect . Renew . (and) . Rejoice.

    I thank you all again, PRH Renal Unit Colleagues and I thank you, Marcia Stacy, for creating a piece that will speak to me forever.

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