more new projects

Carol Hermesh took these great photos of us yesterday. Carol is working on a new website called The Gallery Project.

Some of Ron’s selected original sketches are available for sale.

Here is an explanation…

The purpose of The Gallery Project is to offer a venue for accomplished and established artists to offer to the public some of the artwork that they would not normally send to their commercial galleries.

As an example; a figurative sculptor will often spend a lot of time drawing in order to hone his sculpting skills. Their sculpture is committed to being sold in commercial galleries, but their drawings are not normally something that their galleries would carry or market. The Gallery Projectprovides an opportunity for the artist to market their “non conforming” art work publicly and in a way that benefits themselves, as well as their local public art gallery.

The Gallery Project also recognizes and supports their artist’s local Public Art Gallery’s by having each Gallery Project artist pledge at least 25% of their sale price to the public art gallery of their choice. You will see a link to the the artists chosen gallery(s) on there album page.

Last but not least… The Gallery Project also offers dedicated art collectors, art lovers and designers the opportunity to replace their mass produced “faux art” with real original one of a kind alternatives from established artists. It is also an opportunity for collectors to make “micro” investments in art.


3 Responses to “more new projects”

  1. val woolgar (Harms) Says:

    Nice snaps, lovely website and all. I am your cousin, (Cap Harms daughter) -your both so artistic! talented. VW

    • Hi Val
      Thanks for the note.
      I have a question. Do either you or Becky have any paintings done by your Dad? I have one, and thought, if you have none, perhaps you would like to have it. I won’t even charge a huge fee for it. How’s that? It’s called, “Red Sails in the Sunset”.

  2. great pics guys!

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