What’s up, Doc?

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Ron is busy working in his “Tiny Baby Workshop” and making a beautiful furniture piece for us to store books under the TV.

Today I posted some of his wood work on Etsy for sale, check it out. There will be more coming along soon.

Table and shelf


I don’t know where the time goes!

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“There are three things you cannot recover in life: the WORD after it’s said, the MOMENT after it’s missed and the TIME after it’s gone.”

I think my problem is my puppy. She is always pestering me and I am always responding! She’s just so darn sweet that I can’t refuse her.


Working on Okanagan Doodads

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New designs are always in the works. We are getting ready for Christmas shows now. FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender

After the Storm

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A novel by Cary Flanagan

I have been working with Cary who is in New Hampshire, on her new book

I have designed the front and back covers as well as working on an illustration.

Sketch for book cover

Sketch for book cover

cover sketch

A young contemporary quilt artist receives an extraordinary and unexpected gift which has been passed down to her through five generations. A letter written by her grandmother explains:

“Dearest Becca,” the letter began. “I am very excited to be able to pass on to you this family heirloom. This was your Great Great Grandma Hannah’s sewing machine, given to her by her first husband, Aaron Benson, early in their marriage, most likely about 1879. She treasured this machine above all of her personal possessions.

     “Your gr. gr. grandmother was a fine seamstress, quiltmaker and quilt designer. She had a very inquisitive and creative mind and was very much ahead of her time in establishing a successful quilt pattern business as well as being a loving wife, mother and grandmother. I have included several of her patterns and one of her most treasured quilts in this package. This is your legacy, Becca…..Take good care of them! …. Perhaps you can find a way to turn these treasures into a book so you can share Granny Hannah’s remarkable memoir with a wider audience.”

This is the story of Hannah Applegate Benson Stone.  Born in 1858, she was orphaned during the tumultuous years of the Civil War. Hannah was raised by a gifted and caring aunt in a small New Hampshire farming community. After the first trains came in the early 1870’s, everything changed.

After the Storm is a story of life’s struggles and triumphs, of loss, courage and resilience, and, above all, love.

Okanagan Doodads are here!

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Our Original Okanagan Wine Shades are ready to be devoured by the public!

We are very proud of the efforts of the last 7 months working on these little gems. We hope to sell them throughout BC, starting with the Okanagan wine themes and then on to the Coastal Classics!

Many hands make light work!

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Packaging Doodads!


IMG_1314 IMG_1319_2

The Art of Gold Leaf

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Ron is currently working on a restored 1954 Chris Craft boat, a thing of beauty!

He has been commissioned by Chris at Sea Sonic Boat Company to letter the transom.

He is using 24 ct double thick gold leaf from England, and engine turning the finish, a technique that requires a very gentle and experienced touch. Unfortunately, there was a communication error as to the font the client wanted. As a result, the first book of gold and a day’s worth of time had to be all washed off !:(

But all ended well and the result is a work of beauty. I hope we can show you the whole boat finished, it’s really quite something!

IMG_3178_2 IMG_3179_2 IMG_3182_3 IMG_3183_2